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Physiotherapy appointments are 30 minutes.

We offer a range of services, including massage, mobilisation, manipulation and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We treat a number of conditions including:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pre and Post-Operative Management
  • Frozen shoulder

 Joint mobilisation is used frequently to help restore full and correct movement of the joint. This is a gentle approach and can be used on peripheral joints, as well as the spine.
Massage or soft tissue mobilisation may be used as part of your treatment. Depending on the injury and treatment required this may be gentle efflourage, or working deeper in to the tissue. Along with other techniques this can be helpful to increase circulation, reduce pain and address tight muscles.
 Manipulation is an end range technique which is used as a progression from manipulation that requires a more forceful thrust to restore range of motion and reduce pain. This can be effective for neck, upper and lower back conditions. Manipulation is a specialist treatment and is only performed by our Postgraduate trained physiotherapists.
Ensuring muscles are at optimal length, and joints have full range of motion will help reduce pain and prevent injury. At lifestyle physiotherapy we will show you how to stretch to increase range in short muscles, and use foam rollers and trigger point balls for self-massage techniques.
 We can use a number of different strapping techniques to help unload muscles and give stability to joints. Strapping can be used to help with reducing pain, posture, and preventing injuries. Sports specific strapping can be provided. We also have physiotherapists trained specifically in using Rocktape, which is a non-rigid taping that can help improve mobility as well as reduce muscular, myofascial, and neural pain.
People will often have their pain addressed with treatment, however it is important to ensure that the muscles around the area involved are restored to their full function, in order to reduce the risk of re-injury and ongoing problems. This often requires specific exercise prescription, and at Lifestyle Physiotherapy we place an emphasis on ensuring correct techniques to address strength, stability, and mobility deficits. We also provide pre and post-operative rehabilitation programmes in conjunction with surgical protocols.

Understanding your injury is important in being able to manage your rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists ensure that you will understand your management plan, the treatments that will be involved and education regarding injury prevention.
 We have a full time acupuncturist who is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  See our Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine page to learn more.
This is another form of acupuncture which involves using a small acupuncture needle, and inserting it in to the muscle. The needle is moved up and down to elicit a twitch response and remove the knots in a tight muscle. Dry needling is effective in reducing muscle pain and tightness, and increasing muscle length and activation. There is often an aching sensation following treatment which can last up to 48 hours. Heat, ice massage, and stretching is used to help reduce pain following treatment. Dry needling is a specialised technique and only used by trained physiotherapists to treat overuse injuries, sporting injuries, and a variety of headache and back related pain.
If you suffer from recurring or overuse injuries, there may be muscle imbalances that are contributing to this. A muscle balance assessment can identify areas that need to be addressed. Children or young athletes, and people that are looking at entering long distance or endurance events can benefit from identifying these issues even before they become a problem.
We live in a society where a lot of our work and daily activities involve sitting or repetitive movements. Our physiotherapists look at your posture and alignment, and the impact that this may have on your injury or pain. We then offer advice on how to improve both posture and work set up.
Float Therapy involves lying in a tank filled with body temperature water and enough Epsom salts to keep you buoyant, and letting your mind and body relax for 60 minutes.

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Fees & Payment Information

Lifestyle Physiotherapy is a registered health provider with ACC. You do not need a referral to be treated at our clinics. We are able to provide you with the forms and lodge your ACC claim from our clinic on your first visit. If you do have a referral form from your GP, please bring this with you. If ACC does not accept your claim, you will be charged for the full cost of treatment. Our receptionists will help if you have any concerns regarding this.

A current ACC claim is required in order to see an Acupuncturist. This can be completed by a Physiotherapist, or GP.

Due to changes ACC made in 2009, we have a surcharge to cover the cost of your treatment. The charges are listed below.

There are small charges for materials used such as tape and theraband. This is not always required, and your physiotherapist will discuss this with you as needed.

St Andrews:

  • Private Initial Consultation – $60
  • Private Follow Up Consultation – $50
  • ACC Initial Surcharge – $25
  • ACC Follow Up Surcharge – $25


  • Private Initial Consultation – $60
  • Private Follow Up Consultation – $50
  • ACC Initial Surcharge – $20
  • ACC Follow Up Surcharge – $20

EFTPOS is available at both Clinics

Internet Banking

Payments can be made via internet banking. Please let our receptionists know if this is your preferred method of payment. Please include your name in the reference.

Referral pathways: “If we can’t help you we will find someone that can!”

If your injury requires more specialist care, we are able to organise scans and refer you to podiatrists, hand therapists, sports physicians or orthopaedic surgeons. We have close networks with health professionals in the Waikato to ensure you are treated by the top people in their respective field.

Our guarantee:

We are confident that you will be happy with our services. We appreciate any feedback you have as this will ensure our quality of care is the best in the business. Please direct all feedback or concerns to our therapists, reception staff or email

If you are not 100% satisfied with your treatment, we will reimburse your treatment charge and provide your next treatment at no cost.